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The bed and breakfast of Milan 3 offers so many opportunities. Read our answers to the most frequent questions about the bed and breakfast and the nearby Humanitas clinic we receive from our guests.
Contacts: (mobile:+39 3409128780)

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Questions and Answers

I want to book a bed and breakfast
Simply call at 3409128780 or send an email to

Where is the bed and breakfast?
We are located in Basiglio, two kilometers from the Humanitas clinic of Rozzano

How do I get there?
  1. By car following the navigator
  2. Or by public transport with the subway (green line) line two. Get off at "Piazzale Abbiategrasso" station and take the AMP bus line that takes you to Basiglio. Get off at Tigli bus stop and walk up to the Tigli 511, there are well positioned signs.
  3. You can use a car sharing car, for example Smart2go. You will need to pay an extra 4.90 euro if you then leave your car in Basiglio instead of in Milan.
Why a bed and breakfast instead of a hotel?
There is a part of audience that prefers bed and breakfast for several reasons:
  1. Generally in a bed and breakfast there are not many rooms and therefore the attention given to the guests is much more personalized than in a hotel
  2. Excluding certain bed and breakfasts that have site in historic buildings, generally the prices are much lower. But there are exceptions!
  3. It's easier to talk and get answers from owners than from hotel call center operators
  4. Rooms are generally more equipped and and less cold (like atmosphere) than those of a hotel
  5. Sometimes there are no hotels available in the chosen area
Do I have to spend a week at Humanitas Clinic for work, where can I stay?
At bed and breakfast Milano 3. We are two kilometers from the Hospital Humanitas

I have family members admitted to Humanitarians. Where can I stay to be comfortable to visit them often?
Here with us

I'm a doctor and I have to spend time at Humanities. Do you have adequate accommodation?
Sure, one-room, two-room or apartment.

I absolutely need internet
There is WiFi included in the price.

I would like to use a bed and breakfast but I'm not sure if the privacy is the same as a hotel...
The bed and breakfast has a completely independent entrance.

Can I park my car?
Yes, public parking space available.

Is there a time limit in the evening?
No, having the independent entrance you are free to manage your own schedules.

Can I bring my dog?
No, pets and pets are not allowed.

May I smoke?
Smoking is not permitted throughout the whole bed and breakfast structure.

Can I cook?
Yes, you'll find a fully equipped kitchenette.

Can you come to pick me up to the airport/station/subway?
We can send you a taxi and let you know the cost in advance

For more just send an email to

The clinic / hospital Humanitas di Rozzano is only 2 km from Bed and Breakfast Milano 3.

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